Artificial intelligence

Clever applications, smart use: AI in retail and logistics

AI at OSP: guidelines for the responsible deployment

As a service provider for omnichannel commerce and logistics, OSP has drawn up its own AI guidelines, which serve as a guide for the interaction of people and machines. The guidelines combine seven points, based on the applicable legal, regulatory framework and ethical aspects, which are especially important to OSP in handling AI.

Make smart decisions based on data

Just collecting data is not enough for their profitable deployment. By using artificial intelligence (AI), you benefit in the long term from targeted analyses, predictions and optimisation strategies from the data obtained.
We support you in the targeted deployment of artificial intelligence in your company – from idea to implementation.

AI applications in retail and logistics

Always having exactly what customers need in stock: no problem thanks to AI-based forecasting models (predictive analytics) for sales and turnover.

We already support a multitude of retailers in implementing AI – just as with smart solutions for featuring automated and individualised product recommendations.

  • Predict demand
  • Personalise offers
  • Automate pricing

Exploit the deployment of AI in retail and logistics

Artificial intelligence not only simplifies processes in retail and logistics, but also continuously optimises them.

Thanks to data-based predictions and automation, AI contributes to lowering costs, increasing customer retention and relieving employees. Consequently, you boost your efficiency and cost-effectiveness and as a result your company's turnover.

  • Optimise processes and applications
  • Deploy resources more efficiently
  • Make reliable decisions
Whitepaper: Artificial Intelligence in Digital Commerce

AI in Digital Commerce

In our free whitepaper, you will find out which application potentials AI offers in digital commerce and which adjusting screws you should pay attention to during implementation.

Advantages of using AI

Higher conversion rate

Good artificial intelligence knows the needs of your customers before they do. As a result, you can proactively address potential buyers and boost the conversion rate thanks to personalised offers.

Data-based planning

AI looks into the future: based on reliable data, precise predictions are made on warehouse capacities, stock levels and personal deployment. This permits you to engage in efficient and extremely economic planning using AI systems.

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Convincing communication

Automated communication processes not only relieve employees: you answer customer or partner company queries with the help of AI fast, precisely and reliably. This reinforces loyalty towards your company and also makes it possible to answer large numbers of queries round the clock.

Simplified routine processes

Manual management of all processes is practically impossible. With AI, you can always keep track of your routine processes. AI rapidly institutes measures for you for predefined events, from personnel planning to stock levels.

Approaches with permanent added value

We develop matching AI concepts and applications for the individual requirements of your company.

The possibilities of digital technology should not be an end in themselves here: our goal is to supply you with those solutions at the end that provide your company with most added value.

Quality meets cost efficiency and transparency

In our in-house AI laboratory, we jointly determine the implementation of your ideas. As a result, we very early on identify the limits of feasibility – the basis for cost-efficient development.

Our work is agile and transparent. As a result, we ensure that you have the best possible information about our every step.

Development based on your requirements

Training AI applications based on machine learning is time and cost-intensive.

Consequently, we do this part for you – in close consultation with you, of course, to ensure the programme accomplishes the planned tasks independently and effectively.

Active support also after set-up

Our support does not end with the software solution. We are at your side at all times during the transformation.

We would be pleased to advise you on further IT measures and adjust your solutions as required – for example, if your business situation changes or technical progress makes new optimisations possible.

OSP is your smart digitalisation partner

We are driven on by the competitiveness and future viability of our customers: Since 1991, OSP has been developing and implementing software solutions that put companies ahead in the digital world.


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