Change data capture tool from Oracle databases to Kafka

MOVEX | Change Data Capture

Automated technology for modernising data environments

The potential of modern data analyses can transform your entire company. But to benefit from this, intelligent paths have to be found in IT – for example, to move, save, edit and analyse data. Implementing these processes confronts many companies with challenges.
Traditional data integration processes, which are often manual, can no longer keep pace with current requirements – modern automated technologies are required. MOVEX | Change Data Capture is the technology solution from OSP for the transfer of changes events from Oracle databases to Kafka.
Intelligent data transfer
High performance processing
Automated solution
Easy operation

What is MOVEX | Change Data Capture?

Various solutions exist for change data capture from Oracle databases to Kafka, which are normally associated with intervention in the operation management of the Oracle databases. As a result, hurdles exist – for example, in the case of migration scenarios from legacy applications or managed cloud databases without the option to intervene in their operations.
Among other things, MOVEX | Change Data Capture supports you in integrating microservice environments in applications based on Oracle databases or in other migration scenarios upon the replacement of legacy systems on Oracle databases. The lightweight tool can be used without many precautions – for example, if there is no way to intervene in the operation of databases in the case of managed cloud databases.

Change data capture from Oracle to Kafka

The lightweight tool MOVEX | Change Data Capture addresses challenging problems and permits the transfer of change events from Oracle databases to Kafka:

  • without intervening in the operation management
  • without intervening in the structures in the monitored database applications
  • with isolation of all structures in its own database scheme
  • scalable up to a billion events per day
  • without intervening in the operation management
  • without intervening in the structures in the monitored database applications
  • with isolation of all structures in its own database scheme
  • scalable up to a billion events per day

Database trigger as event source

MOVEX | Change Data Capture captures data change events (insert/update/delete) per trigger to database tables and transfers these promptly to a Kafka event hub. The tool encapsulates all functions for the initialisation of its own data structures (API, web GUI, trigger generation, event transfer to Kafka) in just one docker container.


Web user interface

The tables and columns to be observed are defined via a web user interface and the generation of the database triggers initiated. The functions of MOVEX | Change Data Capture can also be addressed alternatively to the graphical user interface (GUI) via API.


Synchronous recording and saving of change events

The synchronous recording and saving of change events initially occurs locally in the database without other external dependencies. This also represents one disadvantage of the solution: change events are entered in the local database in duplicate. The transfer of the events to Kafka then occurs asynchronously – isolated from the trigger processing and horizontally scalable for billions of events per day.


Open Source Software

Our change data capture tool MOVEX | Change Data Capture is open source software and freely available.

Automated data transfer with change data capture

Open source software

OSP is passionate about software development – also open source. We develop innovative, high quality open source software for the challenges of the IT world.

Resource-conserving use

Due to MOVEX | Change Data Capture already filtering relevant events at the time they occur, using the tool is very economic in using resources.

Easy to integrate
Unproblematic integration

MOVEX | Change Data Capture does not require your existing applications to be adapted: the tool can be smoothly integrated in existing infrastructures.

Flexible configuration

The tool can be conveniently configured using the graphical user interface (GUI) – but optionally also automated via API.

Calender – Time
Short implementation time

Like all OSP solutions, MOVEX | Change Data Capture is as effective in use as it is easy to operate. Setting up the data transfer software is fast.

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