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Optimised demand forecasts with OSP software for purchase and demand planning

MOVEX | Forecast: Demand planning

Optimise your demand planning – data-based and automated

Intelligent demand planning needs targeted, data-based demand forecasting. For many companies, however, choosing the optimal software for demand planning is a real challenge.
With OSP, you will meet your quality standards: We pave the way for multi-channel distribution of the future and assist you in your demand planning.

Benefit from precise demand forecasts

Reliable goods availability usually goes hand-in-hand with higher inventory risks. The solution to this dilemma lies in optimised demand planning. With OSP’s MOVEX | Forecast software, you can make informed purchasing decisions and ensure that your demand planning is forward-looking.
And, when you know where your customer demand is at its peak, you can also place promotions in a more targeted and precise way.
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In-depth forecasting

MOVEX | Forecast doesn’t just work with demand-modelling algorithms.

The demand forecast also utilises market and technical knowledge and smart user assessment. Meaning that you get refined demand planning.

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Comprehensive scheduling

The demand-planning software times order replenishments based on your warehouse capacities, your quota, the delivery time and the demand.

Stocks, return rates and the demand forecasts are all included in the demand curve simulation.

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Simultaneous inventory development

The demand-planning software generates order suggestions actively and independently. You co-decide whether the ordering system processes the order automatically or only after receiving a manual instruction.

As an experienced software provider, we’re always on hand if you need advice.

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Intelligent multi-channel sales

With MOVEX | Forecast, you set the prerequisites for fluid process operations. No matter how you reach your customers, the demand forecasting software offers you support for your multi-channel distribution.

With demand planning, you always have an overview of how your warehouse inventory is moving.

On the path to success with demand-planning
— your benefits

Minimised capital commitment

MOVEX | Forecast enables capital commitment in a way that harmonises with your business interests. This means that you expand your financial latitude based on optimised demand planning.

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Maximised goods availability

With the efficient demand planning you get with targeted forecasting, you avoid storage-space blockage or a lack of goods. Demand forecasting makes sure that in-demand products are available to you immediately.

Automatic user rating

With sophisticated, data-based user assessment, the demand-planning software provided by OSP ensures that you can recognise the needs of your customer base and act with foresight.

Cost-saving warehouse handling

With intelligent demand planning, you lower your transport, warehouse handling, disposal and reordering costs. And you also the avoid sales losses caused by poor demand planning.

Foresight in demand planning

With OSP providing MOVEX | Order Software, you don’t just improve your stock planning — with optimised demand planning, you can use promotions, marketing and customer loyalty activities at the exact time they will have the most efficient impact.

Sustainable delivery planning

We don’t just optimise your demand and purchase planning when it comes to time and money — we can also take environmental factors into account, for instance with measurement of your delivery’s CO₂ footprint. This makes it possible to implement optimisations based on the factors of cost, time, and the environment.

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MOVEX | Order – the renowned order-management software

Do you want to control the entire order process across all sales channels? We offer you the ideal order management software for meeting your customers’ needs quickly and reliably.

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