Live shopping: the innovative sales channel of the future
Turn online shopping into an interactive experience for your customers: With MOVEX | Live Shopping we enable you to enter the new world of selling. Fast, uncomplicated and precisely tailored to your e-commerce concept.
Mobile view of a Live Shopping Show

Respond to changes in consumer behaviour with live shopping

Personal instead of one-size-fits-all, emotional and authentic instead of neutral and bland: live shopping brings e-commerce to life and delivers it straight to the living rooms of your target audience. With product presentations in interactive live streams, the format is more than simply a modern version of teleshopping: prospective customers can participate interactively and, for example, ask questions about products and receive personal recommendations, from both retailers and influencers, before making a purchase. The result: higher conversion rates, fewer returns and stronger brand loyalty.
Live shopping is not simply a trend, it is a sales channel that will be indispensable for the future of online shopping. MOVEX | Live Shopping enables you to implement this innovative channel without huge effort or expense, to utilise it optimally and to leverage the full potential of live shopping.      

Benefits of live shopping at a glance

>10 min.
spent by viewers in the stream on average
higher conversion rates through trust and loyalty
more participation thanks to appreciation and interaction
<45 min.
average duration of a single event
fewer returns in comparison to classic online shopping

Live Shopping: in action

From a simple livestream with influencers to a high-end sales event: These customers trust MOVEX | Live Shopping

Live Commerce Platform for SPORT1 business

Powered by MOVEX | Live Shopping, SPORT1 Business offers brands and retailers a complete package for live commerce.

Live shopping launch at GRUBE

Set-up of MOVEX | Live Shopping for interactive shopping during livestreams.

Start of live shopping at EMP

Successful launch of MOVEX | Live Shopping for interactive video commerce.

MOVEX | Live Shopping im Einsatz bei OTTO – Samsung Show
New Live Shopping Software at OTTO

Deployment of a scalable cloud solution for interactive shopping in the OTTO live shows.

MOVEX | Live Shopping – Demo request

Learn more about the platform and try it out for yourself with the demo

In contrast to classic online shopping, live shopping offers more than just text descriptions and product information pages.

Do you want to learn more about the MOVEX | Live Shopping software? Arrange a demo now and experience the many advantages of live shopping for yourself.   

How you can benefit from MOVEX | Live Shopping

With MOVEX | Live Shopping you are getting more than software: this platform gives you the chance to set up a new sales channel precisely in line with your requirements. Tap into a new market with long-term prospects.

Wide range of features

The range of features offered by MOVEX | Live Shopping pays full attention to the expectations of your customer base – with live chats, integrated order options for the products presented and much more.

Plug-and-play integration

MOVEX | Live Shopping is quickly and simply integrated into your webshop and is instantly ready to use thanks to its simple user interface. Benefit from state-of-the-art technology and an individual setup, without a long planning phase.  

Intuitive and user friendly

From back-end to the end user view: all features are easy to use and understand – both for you and your live shopping audience. When setting up the interface we place the highest importance on user-friendliness.   

Well-designed and expandable

Thanks to intensive collaboration with notable cooperation partners, the software operates at the cutting edge of technology and is highly scalable.

Can be expanded at any time

With its diverse tech stack, MOVEX | Live Shopping offers a wide range of opportunities: for example, the integration of AR and CGI, data analysis, or gamification.

Ingenious architecture

The cleverly designed software architecture gives the infrastructure from MOVEX | Live Shopping maximum durability. The cornerstone here is the interactive video service AWS IVS React.

Insights around Live Shopping

Learn more about the live shopping trend and the practical implementation in our free whitepapers.

Whitepaper: Live Shopping – Vertriebskanal der Zukunft?
Live Shopping: sales channel of the future?

Learn more about the potential and implementation of the e-commerce trend from Asia in our whitepaper.

Whitepaper: Benefit from live shopping in your business
Benefit from live shopping in your business

This guide makes interactive shopping a success. Practical instructions on how to realise your first live shopping event.

Like it was made just for you: the interactive features of MOVEX | Live Shopping

Whether business, brand or retailer: MOVEX | Live Shopping can be optimally tailored to suit your business concept and allows you to create a live shopping platform centred on your target audience – thanks to clever features and functions with genuine added value.

Streaming via smartphone, tablet and computer is a matter of course for us. MOVEX | Live Shopping offers many additional streaming options which you can benefit from: for example, streaming your live shopping event on smart TVs, TV sticks or connected cars.

In addition, you can also use the streaming functions of all popular social media apps and reach the largest possible target audience with your brand without additional effort or expense.  

Personal interaction sets live shopping apart from conventional sales channels. By submitting their comments directly, asking questions and receiving feedback, viewers become deeply involved with the event.

This way, communication tools don't just serve as a practical function for customers, they also create a sense of emotional connection. Particularly, when you use product experts and influencers as ambassadors for your brand or individual products.    

"Social commerce" is an important part of live shopping. User-generated content is another key tool for increasing both sales and brand loyalty.

MOVEX | Live Shopping helps you to effectively and organically integrate such content into your live shopping concept.   

While your customers are being convinced of the benefits of your products in front of their screens, the back-end of MOVEX | Live Shopping provides you with comprehensive information about your prospective customer base. Through comprehensive data collection, analysis and presentation, you receive valuable insights.

This way, you learn more about the shopping behaviour and interactions of your audience in the stream. This enables you to more precisely tailor your future live shopping events to the needs of your target audience and utilise new opportunities to increase your sales.    

Thanks to the clever application of artificial intelligence (AI) and automated functions, you can give your full attention to sales.

Our AI technology operates in a targeted way, for example, to ensure that chat messages with certain types of content are not shown to your audience. In this way, we guarantee a secure and trust-filled atmosphere for your live shopping event. 

A high recognition value ensures that your brand is anchored permanently in the minds of your customers. That's why MOVEX | Live Shopping enables you to adapt the application and the live presentation to fit your corporate design and identity.

Another plus point: the range of features can be individually adjusted. In this way, you receive a bespoke platform, which is perfectly tailored to your needs.

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All companies involved in e-commerce will benefit from live shopping. The only question is: how would you like to implement the format? We integrate the live shopping software into your webshop and advise on which features are the right choice for you.
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