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Software development for optimising retail and logistics


Well-planned software development
for digital retail

Retail of the future will be defined by networking and digitalisation. That is why it will be efficient software solutions with added value that decide your long-term competitiveness.
OSP’s support provides you with services and customised software development for logistics and retail tailored to your individual needs and with our unique expertise.
Programming languages
Fluent in programming languages
Programming is our passion. Java, Swift, Ruby, PHP, Python, C, SQL, HTML: we’re proficient in these and many other major programming languages.
Broad repertoire of databases
We are also experts when it comes to the major databases – from Oracle and SQL Server to PostgreSQL and NoSQL.
Comprehensive expertise in big data
Data is the foundation of digital business strategies. We know processing tools such as Exasol, Hadoop and Teradata so we can also make it possible for you to use big data.
Web technologies
At home with web technologies
It’s not just PHP, HTML, HTTP, CSS, TypeScript, JavaScript and the like that we’re familiar with: We also use and deploy web technologies in the IT sector at the highest level.
State-of-the-art tools and frameworks
State-of-the-art tools and frameworks
To ensure the best results, we use state-of-the-art solutions such as Spring Boot, Xcode, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Docker, Mockito, Git, Kubernetes and Apache Kafka in our work to develop software for the retail sector.
Open source approach
Open source approach
High-quality software doesn’t have to mean high costs. We use innovative approaches to develop open source software in various contexts, such as to capture data-change events in databases and rapid transfer of the data to the respective event hubs.

New development of complete solutions and optimisation of legacy systems

Every company has its own specific needs. That is why the software we develop for your company’s retail and logistics is designed to perfectly meet the needs of your team.
Whether it’s new development of complete solutions or adaptation of legacy infrastructures, OSP provides you with customised applications for the entire corporate value chain.
A woman uses a mobile app on her smartphone

Web and mobile applications

Our software focuses on performance, reliability and user-friendliness.

We develop platform-independent web solutions alongside native, web-based or hybrid mobile solutions – including features like mobile commerce and mobile payment.

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Client, front-end and back-end systems

When developing retail and logistics software for you, we integrate multi-value features for process optimisation. With solutions for order management, business intelligence and more, we deliver a stable backend for you.

For an intuitive frontend, we work alongside renowned partners like novomind, which is how we implement reliable and long-term solutions.

A staff member does data analysis with a laptop and tablet

Intelligent software, based on big data

Collecting, evaluating and using data in a targeted manner is no problem with our big data systems.

Use customer data to personalise your marketing and customer experiences, make data-driven business strategy decisions, and optimise storage, delivery and other processes.

Someone operates a touchpad with different data systems

Databases and data migration

Databases shouldn’t just be a dumping ground for masses of random information. Our applications provide you with the overview your team needs to efficiently manage all its business processes. With data migrations solutions, you can take your omnichannel commerce to the next level.


Individual design
Effective retail solutions require custom software development: With personal consultation, precise needs analysis and an individual conceptual design, we design optimal applications for you.
Years of experience
For over a quarter of a century, OSP has believed in developing retail and logistics software solutions that deliver real value. Benefit from our constantly growing expertise acquired from national and international projects.
Cutting-edge expertise

We don’t chase trends. We help shape them: Our team of experts is networked across many disciplines and fully up-to-date with current architecture and process developments.

Flexible project structures

OSP’s software development is every bit as individual as our digital retail solutions: Depending on your needs, we work with agile methods like SCRUM and Kanban or with classic models and hybrid forms.

Constant quality control

Through careful architecture, design and code reviews and via automated testing and test-driven development, we ensure that your logistics and retail software consistently performs at a high level.

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Keeping you in the conversation

We are transparent in developing retail and logistics software for you, always making sure that you are involved in the process. With cost awareness and cyclical, piece-by-piece delivery, we work together with you to deliver just the solution you imagined.

Achieve retail targets with the right software

Our programme-development teams work according to one principle: Will the software help your team meet its goals? Whether it’s a completely new development, improvement of a legacy IT infrastructure, or support and maintenance, your needs are front and centre for every phase of the software lifecycle.

IT project management for Hermes

With OSP’s IT project management, Hermes Germany implemented a new IT infrastructure in its logistics centres bringing the infrastructure to a new level.

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Benefit from our industry experience and optimise all your business processes from purchasing to shipping to customer loyalty. Are you looking for intelligent software development solutions for retail and logistics? Contact us!
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