Exits in a warehouse from the inside, further back a partly loaded truck

Warehouse & Logisitcs

Solutions for more efficiency in warehouse and logistics

Efficient warehouse and logistics processes as the foundation of successful retail concepts

Warehouse management systems combine the effective management of processes related to logistics and shipping – regardless of sales channel, product range, warehouse size or degree of automation. In addition, targeted optimisation of goods flows and early detection of anomalies can be realised based on AI forecasts.
As part of the Otto Group and a leading manager for IT logistics systems, we can draw on deep industry knowledge at OSP in the interest of optimising your warehouse and logistics processes for long-term profitability.
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Warehouse management and optimisation

Successful retail is also a question of flexible warehouse high-performance and optimal processes. The suitable software for warehouse management and optimisation enables you to create efficient warehouse processes that, thanks to intelligent features, assist you in achieving optimal warehousing.

Moreover, AI forecasts ensure improved goods flows and better planning reliability.

Top view of a warehouse complex

Solutions for logistics

At OSP innovative software solutions meet well-founded industry expertise in retail and logistics. As a member of the Otto Group, we have been gaining experience in configuring efficient warehouse and logistics processes for over 30 years.

We support you in completely exploiting the performance of your warehouse and logistics complexes and optimising processes to save costs.

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Daniel Hessler

Account Manager
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Deniz Dogan

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